Data & Documents

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2017/03/23 A generic method to analyse yield gaps in feed-crop livestock systems Aart van der Linden Prof. dr ir I.J.M. de Boer and prof. dr ir M.K. van Ittersum
2014/10/16 Climate change, climate variability and adaptation options in smallholder cropping systems of the Sudano - Sahel region in West Africa Bouba Traore Prof. dr. K.E. Giller
2016/02/07 Improved crop management systems for sustainable cassava production in sub-Saharan Africa Joy Geraldine Adiele Prof. Ken Giller
2016/08/11 Ky'osimba Onaanya: Understanding Productivity of East African Highland Banana G. (Godfrey) Taulya KE (Ken) Giller
2014/03/27 NUANCES and NUISANCES Crop production intensification options for smallholder farming systems of southern Africa. Leonard Rusinamhodzi Prof. dr. K.E. Giller
2016/08/29 On yield gains and yield gaps in wheat-maize intercropping: opportunities for sustainable increases in grain production Fang Gou M.K. van Ittersum
2017/11/13 Tailoring agroforestry technologies to the diversity of Rwandan smallholder agriculture Bucagu, C. Giller, Prof. K.E
2016/07/21 Trajectories of agricultural change in southern Mali Gatien Falconnier Ken E. Giller
2018/01/02 Trends and prospects for the productivity and sustainability of home garden systems in southern Ethiopia Mellisse, Beyene Teklu Ken Giller
2017/02/20 Understanding the productivity of cassava in West Africa Kodjovi Senam Ezui Prof. Dr K.E. Giller
2017/11/15 Using yield gap analysis to give sustainable intensification local meaning João Vasco Silva Prof. Martin van Ittersum